Konkotu village the Bahnar people, about 700 people. homestay3The village visited by many locals and foreigners when it came to Kontum starting in 1996 when the Konkor  suspension bridge over the Dakbla River (built in 1991) was built before the suspension bridge was difficult to reach. .Distance from center of the town of Kontum is about 8 km, nearby Đakbla riverbank…The number of stilt houses is (about 40 stilt houses). The villagers are very friendly and kind. Easy take the taxi or mortorbike to Konkotu. The cost taxi transport about : 80.000 – 120.000 VND/way.The village has a team of gongs and professional craftsmen to make a house very professional.                     
From the village of Konkotu can trekking tours upstream Dakbla River, surfing a dugout to the village or tour through through Kong Hrenh (Name of a god) and down the line to visit villages along the romantic Dakbla River.
If homestay, you have got opportunity to join the gong around the campfire, drink local wine (Ruou can – wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) and listen to ancient Bahnar songs.

Please contact to us for arrange homestay in village.Gong show Konkotu